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If you do not have the time to sit in front of the TV for hours to watch sports matches, Krira TV is a perfect solution for people always on the go. Passionate sports lovers will never miss a tournament thanks to this amazing app. It is a complete app that streams all ongoing sports matches to cater to a wider audience.

Sports streaming platforms are more preferred options, especially for people who work in offices or do not have enough time. In that case, these apps are a perfect way of keeping tabs on the ongoing matches and getting all the updates.

Krira TV APK for Android

What is Krira TV?

The Krira TV Free quickly gaining popularity and recognition in the sports streaming arena due to its extensive services. It works without glitches and does not lag or crash while streaming matches. Previously, many players used this app to stream ICC World Cup 2023 matches live.

It streams the latest sports tournaments of soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, hockey, and more. On top of that, all Android users can get score updates, watch highlights, and stream live matches without paying a subscription fee.

It offers multilingual support to cater to sports lovers all around the world. Multilingual commentary will allow viewers to watch sports in their native language. Moreover, you can save your favorite game to watch later in your free time.

For a better experience, create a profile on the app to keep track of your favorite ongoing tournaments. Users can enable notifications and the app will notify you before the match starts.

What are the Key Features of Krira TV app?

Though, there are millions of streaming apps in the market these days. What sets Krira TV apart is some features that no other application has.

  • Wide range of options – This application brings a wide range of options for the users. It does not just allow you to watch a single sport at all. You can go watch cricket, badminton, football, basketball, tennis, and many other sports without any interruption or hassle. How amazing it is, right?
  • Recorded matches and live streaming – On this application you can watch the recorded matches as well as live as well. So, if you do not want to miss anything, you have to download this application.
  • On-demand streaming – You can also watch any of your favorite previously streamed matches on demand. You can watch the entire match or request for the highlights. Your request will be entertained.
  • Updates and notifications – This streaming application receives frequent updates and sends notifications. So, you do not have to open the app to keep an eye on the upcoming events or anything. You will receive a notification every single time.
  • Multilingual commentary – This application does not only support English. It supports many other languages as well. You can switch to any option and enjoy commentary in the same language. 
  • Offline view – If you often miss matches due to your overly hectic schedule, this is the right app for you. It supports the offline view, you can download any of the sports matches and watch them later without any internet aid.
  • Social sharing – You can share the matches or highlights, or any other important moments with your friends. Yes, this application supports social sharing as well. So, watch your favorite sports and share it with your friends and family for double fun.
Krira TV Official APK


Lastly, the Krira TV APK for Android collects active streaming links to let users watch matches without having to search on Google first. Moreover, its easy user interface ensures that all users find their desired sporting event with ease.