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WhatsApp is a clone of official WhatsApp, the most famous global instant messaging app. Folks use this modified version because it offers all the missing features in the original app. For instance, privacy & chat options, status sharing & in-app customization are completely different. Actually, you have faced many restrictions in the official application. Therefore, the WhatsApp Bomber app has come with new & unique functions. First, you can send hundreds of fake messages to your contacts just for fun. Hence, you can prank buddies by filling their inboxes with a single click only.

No doubt, WhatsApp is the most used international messaging app. Texting, voice & video calling, and sending documents, contacts & locations are a few blessings of the world’s number one app. However, creating mods has become a fashion nowadays. Developers always want to invent something better with all the dream features not available in official apps. Similarly, dozens of WhatsApp Mods are active today. And third-party app providers are creating confusion by sharing substandard utilities. So, stop worrying since we share this informative post on the WhatsApp Bomber tool.

Before this, we also shared the WhatsApp Ultimate Bomber (WUB) with you guys. Now, you can easily relate both utilities. Yes, both tools are used to send spam or fake messages. As a result, your friend’s inbox fills with dummy messages. They even don’t understand it. In short, it is a good way to prank or to make someone a fool. But never tease a person whom you don’t know. You may have to face legal issues otherwise. Anyway, many are using SMS bombing apps for fun. If you are interested in this tool, download it from the given link. It is the newest & updated file.

Features & Functions of the WhatsApp Bomber:

It is available for almost all Android devices. The APK size is little enough. You only have to give it a few permissions to work. Though it is useable without an internet connection yet, sending messages is doable online, of course. Finally, we can discuss the major functionalities of this app.

  • Enjoy all the features free of cost.
  • More custom features in the updated app
  • Send hundreds of messages at once.
  • The lightweight app is getable most simply.
  • The app interface is editable as usual.
  • Set strict privacy features for more safety.
  • Free to download & use.
  • Simple process to use it.
  • Select the target number & that’s it.
  • You can also send customized SMS.
  • Either send short or lengthy msgs.
  • Also, send a bulk of SMS to many contacts.
  • The app is compatible with low-end devices.
  • Simple interface and user-friendly app.


Open the WhatsApp Bomber APK on your phone. Type the message like Hi, you want to send multiple times. Also, put the number of messages, like 100. Now, click the Send button. That’s all. I hope you understand this fun app. It is as easy as ABC. Do you want to check it now? Then, download it from our site APKGIFT.NET at no cost. But it is not an official product; therefore, it is not present on any official app stores.

Moreover, allow third-party app installation on your phone to download & install it successfully. Then give it contact permissions so that you can send messages to the target numbers. It is an easy and correct way of using WhatsApp Bomber. At the same time, I again warn you. Please don’t misuse the app. I will not be responsible if you face complications. In conclusion, you can prank your buddies only. That’s it.