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How about watching live TV on your Android device for free? Yes, it is possible without having a pricey dish antenna or cable connection. Today, millions of people use IPTV technology to stream their favorite video content. In this regard, a super-duper & fantastic source is the Rapid Streamz App. Honestly, this single utility is enough to explore more or less 800 international television channels on any Android device. The developer donates it, especially to freebies lovers who cannot purchase premium memberships.

Moreover, Rapid Streamz ranks among the top free platforms, like PikaShow, BDTT, SBO TV, and similar apps. The value of the app increases owing to its practical functions and loveable interface. Thousands of users have been using it for years. In truth, they consider it the best source of all entertainment genres, like movies, sports, news, cartoons, music, and live events. It is a boon for them because it lessens their cinema expenses. If you want a diverse, complete, and active OTT app, then Rapid Streamz APK is the right choice.

Features of Rapid Streamz:

If you are already a regular user of this utility, then pick the newest edition from this article. It is more lovable and admirable than ever. Yet, the following summary is for newcomers who don’t know about it.

  • 800+ TV Channels – The core function of Rapid Streamz is to provide its users with live television services. Therefore, it has collected 800+ TV channels from all regions of the globe.
  • Main Countries – The content comes from the top content-creating countries. You enjoy Arabian, French, German, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, Portuguese, American, and British TV channels.
  • All-in-One App – It is a multi-genre app, and everyone can find their loved content. Movies, sports, news, dramas, religious, cartoons, science/discovery, and every other type of TV program.
  • Choose Player – In addition, it offers 9+ inbuilt media players. MX Player, XYZ Player, VLC Player, Android Player, Wuffy Player, Web Video Cast, Local Cast, and Bubble Up are the choices.
  • For Android Devices – Apart from it, the app supports all your Android devices. You can utilize it on Android Mobiles & Tablets, Android TV, Android Boxes, and Firestick. Hence, it is an A1 utility.
  • Adjustable Quality – Another facility in Rapid Streamz is the flexibility of video quality. A user can set low-quality or high-quality depending on the internet speed and data limitations.
  • Zero Expenses – This platform is always free to use despite its matchless services. Install the app and access its main interface without filling in credentials, like a registration process.
  • Updated Content – You can observe the stability of this mini app since it regularly updates links to TV channels. Do not worry about bugs, errors, malware, and annoying pop-ups.
  • Customer Support – If you find a broken link and something unusual, contact officials using the reporting option. They will answer your queries and try to resolve the problems ASAP.


These excellent qualities of Rapid Streamz prove it the best source for watching online TV for free. The design and layout of the app are pretty good and easy to use. Thus, explore it now. There is a simple menu showing all the options. You can create a list of Favorites, join Live Events, and Request Channels. Also, the Settings section helps you adjust the app parameters according to your taste. Finally, download and install it because owners believe that entertainment brings happiness.