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Currently, the number of worldwide active mobile gamers exceeds three billion. Indeed, virtual games are available in several genres. But most of us love playing simulation video games. So, developers are frequently creating good stories. Likewise, adult video games are also a hot genre nowadays. For example, Proud Father features significant spicy content. In this story, you play the role of a father taking care of his sons & daughters. Yet, it is not as simple as a walk in the park.

Instead, you face various hurdles, tasks & challenges during this journey. It urges you to arrange all the basics & needs of your children since you are the chief. Foods, clothes, residence, furniture, etc., are your responsibility. These in-game items are getable in return for virtual currency. Thus, earn as much wealth as possible. For this, you have to solve puzzles step-by-step. The richer you are, the best father you become. Apart from it, there are plenty of spicy & erotic scenes in the game.

Gameplay & Highlights of Proud Father:

This story is designed for grown persons only. It means this story is not proper for younglings. Anyway, you have full controls to end it as you like. Choose the role of a good father or a perverted person. It’s all up to you. Your character & behavior in different situations decide the final results. Actually, the father is living without a partner. Since he works hard to earn bread & butter, he desires a spouse. However, loneliness continues, and life goes on with ups & downs.

At the same time, his daughters are growing up with time. Thus, life changes slowly. The father is a desperate person, and he can do anything to attain satisfaction. It is the defining moment in the story. Most players choose the haram route. In this way, they forget to respect their relations. Ultimately, the story becomes sensual & spicy. Still, you can avoid this vulgarity. You have to follow the other options in the game. Those alternative routes make you a good father of many kids.

  • A simulation video game for adults only.
  • It is full of adventures, hurdles & romance.
  • All in-game items are available at zero cost.
  • You can download & play it on Android sets.
  • It has good graphics & a unique design.
  • Male & female characters are of good looks.
  • There are many erotic & juicy scenes.
  • Also, it is similar to other adult video games.

Final Verdict:

Surprisingly, the majority of video gamers tend to play adult video games in this day & age. Yet, it affects your personality. If you always do insane things, you become a different individual. Therefore, many gamers consider these adult games improper & unhealthy. We must learn good ethics for a better life. Hence, be careful what you do on your smartphone. If you still want to experience the Proud Father APK, download it from the given link. It is popular among adventurers. But I warn you again that it is solely for fully grown individuals, not for kids. That’s it.