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Cyrax MLBB is a menu for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. MLBB is considered one of the best compact games. People around the globe play this game very fondly. Although, there are many such injectors available that demand premium subscriptions. Which is very expensive for the players as they can’t afford to take a monthly subscription and pay bills. That is the cause the tool designed, that will fulfill all the requirements of players regarding games. Secondly, the app is free, and you can play the game without paying a single penny to operate the game.

Cyrax MLBB is an Android application that contains spectacular skills. Also, it provides players with a tremendously valuable resource at the same time. We can say that the app is developed after looking at the needs and concerns of new players. In this way, newcomers prepare themselves for battle against experienced ones. Also, there are many ways to erase the battle troubles. They can practice the game with friends by playing them before falling into battle. In this way, they can collect enough knowledge about the game and play MLBB perfectly. Due to these possibilities and reasons, users become inspired by the app.

With the help of this application, players can make a well-known,  attractive profile and rapidly improve their gaming ability. It boosts their capabilities and also makes their masterminds in the game. They can control the whole battle according to their terms and conditions. So, it is the best option for the fans of MLBB to download the injector and play the game without any difficulties. Also, by downloading the tool, users don’t need to go through the process of registration and password.

Features of Cyrax MLBB:

This application occupied the best items and features that perform their job excellently. Such as it is free of errors, unlocks ML skins and outfits, displays maps, weapons, effectual background, new characters, game emote, and effects, and is compact, relaxing shoots, and many more.

Aim-bot Menu:

  • Biggest FOV Range 0to 20
  • Auto aim-bot
  • Lock Aim
  • Distance -free closest
  • Fire Aim

Camera views:

  • New ranges
  • Horizontal 2X to 8X.
  • Vertical 3X to 9X.
  • HD lenses

ESP Menu: This feature allows game players to view various constraints Such as walls, devices, terrain, and other options.

Fly hack air walk: The fly hack feature help users in various ways. First, they can look around the battlefield flying here and there. Secondly, you can shoot the enemy while flying around without wasting time. The air walk feature also has similar functions.

Head shoot: The extraordinary feature of the app that enables users to shoot the head of the enemy. The excellent elements in the app target the pro player’s head and fix the distance. The enemy will die instantly the time you shoot.

Lobby: Using this tool, users can get all the fruitful information about the room and pro players. Through this, users become more satisfied and confident as they know all the crucial info about the enemy.  


All android users can download the exceptional tool Cyrax MLBB to meet their destination place in the game and for better results. So, the die heart fans of MLBB can avail the opportunity and become a pro players. They can accept every kind of challenge and complete them quickly.