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BDTT ends your dependency on TV for watching sporting events. Whether you’re in the office or traveling, you can catch live tournaments and match as they air. This IPTV sports-centric platform lets you watch leagues and cups without any subscription or membership fee. Especially soccer fans would find it useful as the app broadcasts and live streams major soccer events.

There are countless sports streaming platforms available at the moment, however, many of them lack functionality. They either do not offer extensive services or give access to quality streams for free. While these apps amass viewership, they still need to be significantly improved to satisfy sports lovers.

However, the BDTT Live APP for Android is an exception. With regular updates, it has better functionality and no bugs or lag issues. Importantly, users can stream ongoing events and matches with little to no buffering. There are no restrictions on who can use the app and how old you have to be.

What is BDTT APP?

Developed by UHanhphuc, this sports IPTV app has the best streaming performance and improved functionality. Users can enjoy national and international live soccer events as well as highlights of matches. Besides soccer, it also streams ongoing events of cricket, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and other top sports.

Interestingly enough, it notifies sports fans in advance when an event is going to air. In addition,  you can get the latest news relating to leagues, cups, and sports stars. If you can not live stream a match, the app will keep you in the loop by notifying scores and results.

Features of BDTT:

There are a lot of other similar apps, want to know what makes this one unique? To conclude whether this application is what you need or not, we have to look at the key features. So, let’s not beat about the bush, discuss the key features briefly instead.

  • Live sports – This application is mainly developed to show sports live hassle-free. In this insanely busy world, everyone can’t be glued to TV all the time. Staying away or being able to watch highlights of your favorite sport is not okay either. So, this application allows you to watch all kinds of sports matches on your phone anytime, anywhere.
  • News – Besides showing live sports, this application keeps you posted about the latest happenings as well. You can get news relating to your favorite sport without even surfing the internet. All you have to do is open the app and go to the news section. You would find everything that’s happening in the sports world there.
  • Sports events – Nowadays, a lot of sports events happen. To be honest, watching these sports events is just as much fun as the actual sport. No sports lover ever wants to miss such events. Therefore, this application also shows the sports events in the best graphics.
  • Betting facility – This is an incredible feature that most sports applications lack. People love to place bets on their favorite matches, therefore, this app grants you a betting facility as well. You can place bets on any sport and make it super fun to watch.
  • Random sports videos – Besides watching sports live, you can watch random sports videos as well. These videos can include highlights, news, and other latest happenings. Moreover, there can be fun sports videos as well.
  • No registration, no subscription – Quite the opposite of your expectations, this application does not require any registration or subscription fee. All you have to do is download, you can explore sports news, and watch live matches readily.


Lastly, this IPTV app is accessible to sports fans all around the world. It has a convenient UI, features expert analysis from sports pundits, and charges no subscription fee. So, install BDTT APK now and turn on the notification to not miss any upcoming matches.